Framing technology

For the tools that we import and resell, we have chosen a small range of tools because our company has chosen only the best from regarding the relation between cost and performance.

Multimaterial vertical cutter
minichopper MINICHOPPER 2000

Small sized, foot-operated guillotine for cutting two 45° angles at the same time. Maximum cutting capacity 65 x 105mm. It allows cutting at 45° only. It can be equipped with measuring scale up to 150 cm. Blades, measuring bar and left-hand extension for moulding support are included.

ghilotina Mitre machine GH 8100

Foot-operated, reliable, accurate, easy to use mitre machine. No dust or noise. The blades’ descent and the cut are operated by stepping the pedal, whose stroke is adjustable according to the dimensions of the profile to cut. It executes two cuts at 45° or a single cut with angles varying from 22,5° to 90°, for hexagonal,octagonal, etc. frames.

ghilotina pneumatica Pneumatic chopper 8000

In pneumatic choppers the blades descent is operated by a suitable pneumatic cylinder. There are two different models available: with a single cutting stroke of 160 mm or with 3 steps cutting stroke of 60-100-160 mm, choosen by a switch on the control panel, according to the size of the profile to cut, to speed up work and to save air consumption. The machine is standard equipped with automatic rabbet support to avoid breakings and to have a good positioning and clamping of the moulding. Can be equipped with back and upper clamps pedal controlled with adjustable pressure.

minigraf a1m super minigraf a1mr Minigraf A Super / Minigraf A Mini

Minigraf 1 M is the simplest solution for small entrepreneurs that want to launch themselves in the framing business.

imbinare imbinare JOINT 5x5 MEC S / JOINT 5x5 AS

Completely mechanical Frame assembling machine. Stepping the pedal, the upper and frontal clamp will fix the frame then the staple is inserted. Partially releasing the pedal it’s possible to insert more superimposed staples without releasing the frame. JOINT 5x5 MEC S can be used with all sizes of staples 4-7-10-12-15 mm, and can join 90° angles and hexagonal or octagonal angles with minimum size 5x5mm and maximum size 100x70mm.

logan 650 oval 201 Logan 650 - Cutting capacity is 102 cm Logan 201 - Oval & Circle Cutter
hanger 218 hanger a10 kw1 1401 pgq pg3 pg1tb 1408h Hangers
cuie f15 339n Staplers
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